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Aug 6 '12






This might look like a savoury plate of spaghetti, but friends, this is not spaghetti. It’s a delectable and distinctly German treat known as Spaghettieis.

Invented by Dario Fontanella in the late 1960s in Mannheim, Germany, Spaghettieis typically consists of vanilla ice cream extruded through a modified potato press to give it the delightfully deceptive appearance of spaghetti noodles. The ice cream is placed over whipped cream and topped with strawberry “spaghetti” sauce and sprinkled with either coconut flakes, white chocolate shavings or grated almonds, each of which work well to give the appearance of grated parmesan cheese.

(Source: Wikipedia)

We had the good fortune to try some ourselves a few years ago while travelling around Germany and happily report that it is nothing short of delicious. Sure enough, wherever you order it, it looks like spaghetti and tastes like a heavenly strawberry sundae.

Soooo yummy ^_^

Wait, there’s no Spaghettieis in other countries? :O But… but… what… D:


BAHHH I actually had this amazingness while I was in Germany!  I WANT MORE!!!

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    They have those in my fav ice cream parlor
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    I grew up with this. I urge everyone to try it. Actually, there’s another one which looks like a lasagne and is made...