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Jul 11 '12



since i skipped this yesterday i drew two today! so yeah, day 7, fave pesterlog.

this probably isn’t my ultimate favourite or anything, but i really enjoy all the pesterlogs with Tavros! and in this one he is so adorable aaghghh.. but poor Jane;;;

oh man the oR, wILL i? panel is so great!

Oct 5 '11
All the genderswapped troll dudes

All the genderswapped troll dudes

Aug 3 '11

I feel the need to chime in right now:

Gamzee cut off Tavros’ head. I do not believe he was aiming for revival here. That is not a thing people typically do to dead people that they think still have a chance at living.

I suppose that kind of depends on whether it was before or after, but seeing that he decapitated his corpse at all, I don’t think he honestly cares enough about him to want to bring him back to life. Let alone him smearing his blood all over the walls.

I don’t mind if you ship it, but I do wish people would treat sopored-up Gamzee and sober Gamzee as completely separate characters.



If alternate-timeline sober Gamzee didn’t give a shit about keeping Tavros alive, why would this one?

Aug 3 '11
I am horrified far beyond my expectations of horror at this

I am horrified far beyond my expectations of horror at this